A Synthetic Data Generator

Through the use of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and custom algorithms we can generate large data sets that match the statistical attributes of real data but are entirely synthetic. This means that the data can be used for many purposes such as predictive modelling, analytics, software testing and more.
Our models are built on best in class techniques for privacy and data protection by design.
Our data processing complies with relevant data protection and privacy laws around the world.


The synthetic data you produce with the Synthetic Box can be used by any organization from any industry and in any business vertical. The output generated is simply a synthetic representation of the real world data but without risking the disclosure of private information and providing the same utility for innovation.

Image by Fotis Fotopoulos
Business Partners at Work
Image by Franck V.

Software Testing & Development

Integrate the synthetic data generation tool into your software development pipeline to enable faster development cycles and at the same time preserving the privacy of the production data. With the Synthetic Box, developers and testers can have access to the data they require, in the amounts they require, and with the analytic value they require.


Safe Data Sharing

Synthetic data can be shared safely between your business partners and providers without risking the disclosure of any confidential information, but maintaining the same value and utility to provide the same insights as with real data.


Accelerate AI and Analytics

Accelerate the development of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence tools by eliminating the main bottleneck: the provision of the real data. With a synthetic data generation tool, the need for large amounts of data for advanced analytics is not an issue anymore.